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Sigma Türkiye – Independent Research Society (SIGMA)

Welcome to SIGMA Türkiye Independent Research Society
At SIGMA Türkiye Independent Research Society, we are dedicated to fostering a world where informed dialogue, international understanding, and societal well-being are at the forefront of every interaction. As a leading civil society platform, we specialize in offering strategic insights, fostering global relations, and advocating for peace and development initiatives.
Our Mission
Our mission is to bridge gaps in international policy, diplomacy, media, and cultural relations, and to contribute to the development of peaceful, prosperous societies. We believe in the power of informed dialogue to create a more understanding and interconnected world.
Our Service Lines
Policy and Diplomacy Engagement: This service line focuses on providing in-depth analysis and strategic advisory in the realms of international policy and diplomacy. We facilitate cross-cultural diplomatic engagements and offer guidance on navigating complex geopolitical landscapes.
Media and Cultural Relations: We are committed to enhancing international understanding through transparent and effective communication. Our expertise in global and local media and networking capabilities enables us to promote cross-border cultural and media collaborations, fostering civil society engagement.
Peace and Development Initiatives: Our dedication to societal well-being is reflected in our efforts to promote peace, prosperity, and democratic values. We create educational programs, workshops, and advocacy campaigns that contribute to regional stability and societal harmony.
Our Approach
At SIGMA, we pride ourselves on our inclusive approach, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds to engage in meaningful conversations and collaborations. We adhere to principles of equality and respect, ensuring a level playing field for all participants in our events and initiatives.
Join Us
As we navigate the complexities of today's global landscape, we invite you to join us in our endeavour to create a more informed, peaceful, and prosperous world. Whether through participating in our events, engaging with our services, or contributing to our initiatives, your involvement is key to making a difference.
Policy and Diplomacy Engagement
As a civil society platform, SIGMA is dedicated to fostering informed dialogue and strategic insights in international policy and diplomacy. This service line offers nuanced analysis and consulting on geopolitical and societal issues, leveraging extensive experience in advising defence, security, and government sectors.
Key Services:
- In-depth Analysis of Political and Security Landscapes
- Strategic Advisory for Policy Formulation and Diplomatic Initiatives
- Facilitation of Cross-Cultural Diplomatic Engagements
- Guidance on International Business Strategies in Complex Geopolitical Contexts
- Crisis Management and Diplomatic Communication Strategies
Media and Cultural Relations
Rooted in its civil society ethos, SIGMA specializes in bridging communication gaps and enhancing international understanding. This service line promotes transparent and effective communication, cultural exchanges, and international partnerships, drawing on global media expertise and networking capabilities.
Key Services:
- Strategic Media and Public Relations Advisory
- Promotion of Cross-Border Cultural and Media Collaborations
- Networking and Relationship Building for Civil Society Engagement
- Organization of Events and Forums for Civil Dialogue
- Advocacy for Media Freedom, Human Rights, and Democratic Principles
Peace and Development Initiatives
Committed to societal well-being, SIGMA focuses on promoting peace, prosperity, and democratic values. This service line creates educational programs, workshops, and advocacy campaigns that contribute to regional stability and societal harmony.
Key Services:
- Educational Workshops and Seminars on Global Peace and Democratic Practices
- Advocacy for Human Rights and Ethical Governance
- Research and Intelligence Services Focused on Societal Development
- Consultancy for Non-Profit Organizations and Civil Society Projects
- Crisis Communication and Public Affairs Management with a Social Impact Focus
These service lines collectively underscore SIGMA Türkiye Independent Research Society's role as a civil society platform committed to enhancing international relations, media and cultural understanding, and societal development.


"SIGMA + Foreign Policy Institute Seminar Series No:22" titled "Foreign and Security Policy of Turkey in 2024" had held with a great participation of civil society and non-governmental organizations, scholars and academia as well as political, bureaucratic and diplomatic circles. 

The seminar provided an open discussion media for the ongoing conflicts and crisis in the region such as Russia-Ukraine war, heightened tensions in the Black Sea, Southern Caucasus, the Zangezur question, recent clashes between Serbia and Kosovo, the 7th October massacre of Hamas, and raging war over Gaza with tens of thousands of civilian deaths lead us to believe that peace is not in sight for our region. Türkiye being at the heart of it necessitates an in-depth debate over implications, potential threats and likely outcomes.

  • The main titles of the open discussions were:

  • Update on and 2024 forecast of Türkiye’s foreign, economic and security policy

  • USA, NATO and EU in the Mediterranean Sea, The Middle East and Southern Caucasus

  • Shanghai to London – The status of Belt and Road Initiative

Sigma Turkey Independent Research Society, mostly recognized as SIGMA, is a non-governmental, independent civil-society platform founded in 2009 by Ahmet Doğan. With a rich history of association with defence and security-related government agencies, Mr. Doğan has transitioned from an official role to leading this prominent research society. SIGMA stands as a beacon of free speech, plurality, and unbiased, clear and concise research in a rapidly changing socio-political landscape.

Under the leadership of Mr. Doğan, SIGMA has become renowned for its diverse range of events and social gatherings. From short-notice social events to meticulously planned conferences, SIGMA ensures that every occasion is a platform for knowledge exchange and networking. Over the course of 15 years the society has hosted seminars, lectures, and briefings on matters crucial to Türkiye and its neighbouring regions. Beyond the formal discussions, SIGMA also celebrates the spirit of community with casual meetings, festive events and celebrations, and other enjoyable gatherings.

The inclusivity of SIGMA's events is a testament to its core values. The society welcomes individuals from different fields of expertise and professions, irrespective of nationality, race, colour, creed, religion, or political orientation. Every SIGMA event is designed to be a level playing field, fostering open conversations and promoting mutual respect.

In a world inundated with information, SIGMA's mission is to offer insights, facilitate meaningful exchanges of ideas, and encourage participants to ask the right questions. As the main sponsor of SIGMA's activities, Mr. Doğan emphasizes the importance of community support, inviting individuals and organizations to collaborate, contribute, and be part of the society's vision.

Today, as Türkiye navigates complex domestic and regional challenges, SIGMA remains committed to its principle of providing a balanced platform for dialogue, understanding, and collaboration. Through its research and events, the society aims to shed light on pressing issues, promote informed decision-making, and contribute to a safer, securer and peaceful future in our country and region.

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