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SIGMA's focus is on defence, security, energy and geopolitical matters with the goal of engaging in a meaningful conversation.


We tailor the topics and themes to align with SIGMA's goals and the interests of our audience. Additionally, we invite reputable speakers, practitioners, and academics to enhance the intellectual depth and value of our events.


  • Geopolitical Risk Analysis:

  • Focus on understanding, analysing geopolitical risks affecting Türkiye and the region.

  • With experts in geopolitics, foreign policy, international relations, and security studies.


  • National Security and Defence:

  • Current state of Türkiye’s national security and defence strategies.

  • Regional security, relations and cooperation.

  • Emerging threats, cybersecurity, and military advancements.


  • Ethics in Defence and Security:

  • Ethical considerations in defence related activities

  • Dilemmas related to technology, intelligence, and decision-making.


  • International Relations, Foreign and Security Policy:

  • Türkiye’s global diplomatic relations and their impact on security.

  • Alliances, conflicts, and cooperation between neighbouring and regional countries.


  • Future Trends in Technology, Cybersecurity and Security Awareness:

  • Intersection of technology, social media, artificial intelligence, and security.

  • Practical insights into the latest advancements in defence technologies.

  • Threats, preventive measures, and international cooperation in cyberspace.


  • Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence:

  • Challenges of counterterrorism and counterintelligence efforts.

  • Best practices and lessons learned from successful operations.


  • Military Strategy and Leadership:

  • Military strategy, leadership, and decision-making.

  • Case studies of historical and contemporary military operations.


  • Global and Local Economic Trends and Security Relations:

  • Link between economic trends, trade, and global security.

  • Impact of economic policies on geopolitical stability.

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