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Projects & Gallery

Projects & Gallery

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PROJECTS & ACTIVITIES between 2003 – 2023

Social Gatherings

  • University Students, Businesspeople, Bureaucrats and Diplomats

  • Pre-Local/General Elections and Pre-Referenda

  • Welcome to New Diplomats and Networking

Seminars and Conferences

  • Eastern Mediterranean Energy and Security

  • Global Geopolitical Dynamics and Current Hotspots

  • Defence Against Suicide Bombings

  • Turkish Foreign and Security Policy in The Centenary

  • Fundamental Human Rights, Democracy, Freedom of Speech and Plurality

Lectures & Courses

  • Ministry Of Defence and Turkish Armed Forces Structure

  • Religious Sects, Sectarian Entities and their Spheres of Influence

  • Political Parties, Local and General Elections in Turkey

  • Tactics, Strategy and Policy Development

  • Turkey’s National Defence, Security and Intelligence Apparatus

  • Turkey to Kirghizstan – The Eurasia Doctrine

  • Global Energy Outlook and Middle East, Africa, Asia, Americas

  • Energy Transition and The New Geopolitics of Energy


Sponsorships to several National Day Receptions, AMAC Ball and other Events


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