Not secret and scary: West’s plan to break Russia down by 2030. Sadly, not a fantasy anymore

The West isn’t going to tolerate strong and independent Russia. If it’s plan succeeds by the year 2030 there will be only a handful of nowadays territory left and Russia itself will become one of the small insignificant countries which no one reckons with. I’m telling up front: this info isn’t ‘taken from the ceiling’ (as we say in Russia), but based upon international publications and reports.

It seems at first, that Russia is unbreakable. It’s citizens are interconnected by common history, culture, and traditions. They consider themselves a unit. However, that’s exactly what soviet people thought. They couldn’t imagine that USSR will cease to exist some day.

This is the scenario western adversaries of Russia are going to follow. Russia consists of dozens of republics which the West is going to put against each other and gift them to other countries.

Russia is being pressured from the outside and from the inside. On the Net Russians are being persuaded that it’s shameful to be Russian. This talking point is supported heavily by Google and Facebook, the companies which manipulate the information at their user’s feeds. Calls to take part in uncoordinated protests, boycott of elections, and provocations on the streets of Russian cities are being popularized on social media.

Western media tries to set the government as an enemy in the eyes of Russians. Due to misinformation campaigns and the distortion of the news citizens of the country are unable to see real pros or cons of decisions made by the government. With their views influenced by the western media, citizens are willing to justify those who committed serious crimes. Everyone who disagrees with them are labeled as loyalists or ‘bots of Kremlin.’

The pressure from the outside manifests itself in painting Russia as the aggressor country by the West. Russia appears bad not only in speeches of politicians but also in movies and video games. This campaign allows originators of this strategy to swing not only adults but the younger generation as well.

Step by step, the population of Russia starts to believe that Russia needs drastic changes and a new government. This is one of the main goals of western propaganda.

These views are supported by the so-called opposition members, who are pushing the ‘right mindset’ with the money from their western supervisors. Their endgame is to get into governing. If the opposition manages to secure the majority in the parliament they will, according to the western master plan, make drastic changes in the governance of the country.

The main goal of the West is a total federalization of Russia and independence of its regions. Later, they’ll start the process of seceding of these regions from Russia and joining them with other countries.

Any and all attempts of independent politics made by Russia will be considered acts of aggression. Al of the above will result in the redistribution of the state and private property, lowering of the living standard, suspending of the social security and the destruction of the economy. The West will
repeat the strategy executed in the 90’s.

After that, the West will try to secede different subjects of Russia and annex them to other countries.

Before that, the national unity of Russia ensured peaceful coexistence of Muslims, Orthodox Christians, Buddhists and adherents of other religions in one country. After that, the society will be split because of serious political and social destabilization.

The first target is the Caucasus region. Dagestan and Chechnya, which disagree with the values and ideas imposed on them by the west, will secede from Russia among the first. North Ossetia will reunite with South Ossetia, forming a new state called Alania. Kabarda is another state in the Caucasus region which will be formed after unification of Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria and Adygea. More than that, all these new-formed Muslim states seceded from Russia will be greatly influenced by Turkey.

To secure mineral and forest resources, China will take over Khabarovsk Kray, Republic of Tuva, Omsk Region, Jewish Autonomous Region, Amur Region, most of Yakutia and Irkutsk Region. Kamchatka and Chukotka will be “supported” by the USA. Magadan Region, Sakhalin and the Kuril
Islands will be annexed by Japan. Primorsky Krai will turn into an independent Primorsky state, regaining its pre-revolutionary name – the Far Eastern Republic. Tokyo and Washington will secure its independence.

Kaliningrad region and Crimea will fall under control of the European Union. The descendants of the Nazis who fled in 1945 will return to Kaliningrad, which will be renamed into Koenigsberg. The Murmansk region will go to Norway, and Karelia will be given to Finland.

Closer to 2030, Russia will lose all its regions which are rich in oil and gas: the Tyumen region together with the Yamalo-Nenets and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Districts, as well as the Komi Republic, will declare their independence in order to trade its resources independently from Russia.

According to 1970s US plan, Chelyabinsk region, as well as any other Ural region, will become an independent state. Russia will have no industrial production anymore.

After all these transformations, Russia will have just a tiny part of its former territories. Russia will become a fragmented and insignificant country without any resources, weaponry, logistics, etc.

The Russians have many things to be proud of: their ancestors defeated fascism, conquered space, never lost a single war since the reign of Peter the Great. However, the West is trying to convince the Russians that it is shameful to be proud of their heritage. In today’s world, the history is
constantly being re-written and distorted. For some reason it’s okay to be patriotic in other countries, and it’s something to be proud of. But according to Western curators, we should be ashamed of being proud of our own achievements in Russia.

As for now, our future depends on our next generation. The future of our country depends on whether we can rely on our own opinion or just obediently accept the “values” and rules imposed on us by the West.