After listening to the leaders of Turkey, Russia and Iran, it looks like that they did not agree on any of the pressing issues in Syria.

On the Idlib question, Putin and Ruhani seem to be on the same page. They are not happy with Turkey who had promised to handle the terrorist organizations in Idlib and create the necessary circumstances for them to lay down their arms. This has not been achieved yet. Turkey is under pressure to fulfill its promises.

The second point was about the safe zone that Turkey wants to establish along the Syrian border. Again, Russia and Iran did not give the green light to Turkey. They both said that it should be the Syrian army who should take the necessary precautions on the border, not Turkey. At the end of the day, Russia and Iran effectively told Turkey that Assad regime is the party to talk to.

The third point was the formation of the commission which is supposed to write a new constitution for Syria. On that subject, too, they could not agree.

Never mind what you heard on Turkish TV channels or newspapers on how successful the summit was.  This is the truth. The only truth.