The Kurdish General and Twitter

Alexander Malkevich
Head of The Foundation for National Values Protection (Russia)

Twitter Verifies Kobani

The Turkish Ministry of Justice demanded from the United States to extradite the leader of the Kurdish terrorist group in Syria, Mazlum Abdi (also known as Mazlum Kobani, real name Ferhat Abdi Shahin).

But in Russian media, around Mazlum, disputes still rages today: it is reported that Twitter gave the official status “verified” to the account of the leader of Kurdish terrorists, who is in Turkey, is listed in the “red list” of the most dangerous terrorists. It appears, that the terrorist of the “Kurdistan Workers Party” with a 30-year-old criminal “experience” can appear on Twitter as well as politicians and public opinion stars!

After the start of the Turkish operation “Source of Peace”, aimed at the defeat of KWP-related Kurdish terrorists in Syria, a group of American senators led by Lindsey Graham and Chris Van Hollen appealed to the Department of State to expedite issuing an American visa to Mazlum Abdi so that he can personally bring his point of view on the events in Syria to the US government.

Twitter Verifies Kobani

The stance of Twitter, which gave the official status to the account of a famous terrorist, only illustrates a known existing problem.

They do not obey anyone, they have turned into a state within a state, they themselves establish rules that are absolutely contradictory. I emphasized that we will require that clear rules be introduced.

(The situation with Mazlum) is another example that confirms that the world community should put pressure on social networks – on Twitter, on Facebook, on Google – to force them to obey the laws and the very rules that they are so persistently trying to introduce.

I also want to not that the situation itself, in which the US senators require the insurgent in faraway Syria to come to the United States and report is absurd.

What, in essence, gives US senators the right to demand the arrival of any person from anywhere in the world – “come, you’ve been summoned”? And it’s not the prosecutor’s office, not the FBI – it’s just parliamentarians who have nothing to do – and now they are pretending to be policemen to the world. And it’s one thing if they demanded that the terrorist come and surrender at the exit from the airport; however, they are preparing to guarantee the safety of the person from the lists of Interpol so that he comes, and gave them the story they need.

They essentially say: “We are letting you go, just tell us what we need.” Ready-made questions are asked at these hearings: say, something like, “general,” Trump called you and ordered you to do this and do that? It only remains for him to answer “correctly.”

Twitter Verifies Kobani
If “General Mazlum” gets to the United States, then whatever his testimony – Senators from the Democratic Party will be able to use them against Trump. Surely, the Kurdish insurgent has something to tell – the “Democratic Forces of Syria” created in 2015 received thousands of tons of military cargo from the United States (paid by american taxpayer money), and in return they systematically fulfilled the Pentagon’s tasks of destroying Syria and “demographic engineering” in the northern provinces of the country, by “expelling” the Arab population and replacing it with Kurds. Mazlum Abdi is now one of Washington’s most dangerous witnesses to US illegal
activities in Syria, and with the help of his testimony they can “drown” not only Trump, but also any American politician who somehow worked in the Syrian direction.