Now that the new political movement lead by Ms. Meral Aksener has taken shape in an officially formed political party

called Iyi Party meaning Good Party, heated discussions are taking place as to how this will affect the existing parties and how much of their votes they would get, so on and so forth.

Turkish people have chosen to change the governance system following the 16th of April referendum from the existing parliamentary to a presidential system. Now, with the new system the race is no longer only about how many seats political parties will get in general elections but more so, who will become the President since in the new system the President will have executive powers. Not that its stopping President Erdogan to assume and deliver executive powers today anyway but still, all will be formalized in the coming months.

Currently, the winner of the Presidential race in November of 2019 appears to be Recep Tayyip Erdogan. All public opinion polls show that he is by far the most popular politician and leader for decades. Therefore, all calculations are made with Erdogan in the political equation.

But, what if you take Erdogan out of the equation?

He himself may get metal fatigue as he put it in the last Ak Party General Assembly when he returned to the Chairman’s seat, recently. Since then he has reshuffled the Party top management, changed the cabinet and has changed mayors of provinces, including Istanbul, Ankara and Bursa.

He appears to be a healthy man who wishes to do the best for his country. One can disagree with the methods, curriculum and contents but he does pay particular attention to the education system and youth. He has on numerous occasions stated that the youth is the future of Turkey. He even reduced the parliamentary candidacy age to eighteen. He may well choose to decide to step down and not run for office in 2019 and announce his successor.

In no way is this a conspiracy theory but has happened enough times with others of grand ambitions that they changed the course of their lives in a matter of days. Nobody in Turkey seems to make any calculations without Erdogan.

What if you take Erdogan out of the political equation in Turkey?