The war in Syria triggered international anxiety and shock. It is really amazing how a social protest in 2011 against the reforms that Assad’s government was trying to imply, turned to a civil war and then unfortunately to a hard war with many countries involved.

The vital question that spontaneously comes up is the following:

Why did so many countries interfere with the internal affairs of Syria and which are their real intentions under the so-called excuse of the fight against terrorism;

And finally who is fighting and against whom;

In the first place, we have the troops of Assad and on the opposite side the forces of the Free Syrian Army, which is composed of different groups, detached from religious organizations and oriented to the predominance of democratic regimes.

It is worth mentioning, that Assad at the beginning of the civil war, actually left Islamists to move freely. Why did he do that; He used them, in order to achieve his basic goal that was to cause a dilemma to the countries of the western arc:

«Either you choose me or them».

At this point, Turkey came up with a very interesting role in tolerance play to the forces of ISIS – at least at the beginning of her interference-. The goal was to exercise pressure on the USA and communicate the following message: “If you don’t expel Assad, ISIS will enlarge its power and automatically will become more dangerous”.

It is a common secret that for a long time, the USA didn’t stay indifferent to the diplomatic ability of Ankara and adopted this policy, until Russia’s interference overturned everything. The involvement of Russia in the Syrian crisis via military means is an indisputable fact.

The big question is the reason that the BIG BΕΑR decided to interfere with the Syrian crisis.

The irreconcilable attitude of the leader of the opposition party in Syria, Haled Hotza to negotiate and his conviction that Assad’s expulsion could resolve everything in a magic way, actually left the door open to Russia.

Although Hotza had the support of the USA, TURKEY, SAUDI ARABIA AND QATAR- his plan failed. By the moment that ISIS became more powerful and started to occupy areas that belonged to Kurds, automatically USA decided to help KURDS by dropping bombs to the forces of ISIS, declaring its struggle against terrorism.

Turkeys, well-known about their strategy, changed attitude. They participated dynamically in the war, fighting against ISIS on the side of USA, trying desperately to create a safety zone to the north side of Syria, that is, to an area that can be used as an «asylum» not only for refugees but also for members of the Syrian opposition.

The next step was to train them and provide them with weapons to fight against Assad. This scenario seemed ideal for Turkey but not for the Americans who basically didn’t want to betray the Kurds and secondly because this kind of zone would need an airbase that the USA didn’t want to provide.

Assad began to lose territory which ISIS gained, aiming at the definition of a zone, that would divide in two the connection of Dαmaskos with the coast of Latakia, where the Russian forces are based.

So the exact goal of Russia is more than obvious. The Russian bear wants to play a serious role in Syria, provided that Assad remains in power since they have strong attachments.

On the other hand, the USA aims at a radical change in the political scene of Syria and Turkey is on standby.

Let’s try to go even deeper into the Syrian issue. According to the official data of the Syrian Observatory for human rights, Kurds by selling the oil that they have in their possession, gain approximately 2 billion dollars per year.

Who are the buyers?
65 % of this quantity goes to Assad and 25 % to Iraq.
10 % of the total quantity is used by Kurds, for their military equipment.

Unfortunately for Turkey, Russia is the ultimate ruler of the region.

It is no secret that Vladimir Putin excluded on purpose the region Camseli from the safety zone, that Erdogan was supposed to take control of.

It is worth mentioning that Casmeli and Deyr-Ez-Zor have the biggest and «most promising» oil sources.

At this moment, Assad’s troops are trying to invade to DEYR-EZ-ZOR, in order to take back the control of the oil sources.

Russia threatened Ankara not to invade Syria but the profits from the exploitation of the region are huge, so even after the truce, Turkey is ready to intrude again.

On the other hand, the USA feels threatened by the recent agreement of Assad with the Kurds, since there is a strong possibility for Kurds to yield their oil sources to the regime of Assad, of course with a big exchange.

High profits soaked in the blood of too many innocent children and people. This is something that without exception all leaders should think and maybe reconsider…