While Turkey is busy sorting out its local elections mess, Greek Cypriots have been busy setting up a “Diplomatic Shield” around the island.

Prodromu, the spokesperson for Greek Cypriots who has been working to cooperate with Greece, the UK, France, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Armenia and now Iraq, had this to say:

“In order to sort out the Cyprus problem, we are expecting the support of the US, China and Russia just as we do from our European partners. The US is gladly regarding Cyprus as her regional partner, and our improved relations with them is the result of our efforts to work together. Cyprus may be small in size, but it has shown time and again that it has an essential role in bringing stability to the region.

Our foreign policy is a success as can be evidenced from the US’ and Israel’s voluntary inclusion in the trilateral cooperation. Iraq, France and Egypt have also expressed desire to join the trilateral cooperation. And this proves that our actions have proved to be effective internationally. We have successfully weaved a diplomatic shield around Cyprus.”