Necdet Pamir says the drilling efforts by Cypriot Greeks in Eastern Mediterranean are not in compliance with international laws, and that Turkey should start open sea rather than near-coastal drilling.

The Mediterranean Sea is getting warm once again. As Turkey’s largest military naval exercise, Blue Motherland 2019, is underway, the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus (GCASC) has announced the exploration of one of the world’s largest natural gas reserves. Apparently, gas reserves between 141 to 226 billion cubic meters were discovered within the exclusive economic zone that was unilaterally declared by the GCASC and commissioned to US’ ExxonMobil for drilling license. Necdet Pamir, an expert on Energy Policies and CHP’s Head of Energy Commission, claims the drilling efforts by the GCASC are openly defying international laws. He further claims that the announcement by ExxonMobil about the size of the reserves do not really reflect the truth:

“As a petroleum reserves engineer, I do not concur with these numbers. I am not saying that the region is bare. It is a significant amount for Cyprus, but we are seeing more of their carrot-stick politics here. You do not drill one well and declare the reserve quantities three days later. In order to dully calculate the reserves found you have to drill at least three wells and observe them for some time and note the drop in the pressure at certain current flows. You can, only after that, have something tangible to work with regards to the amount of reserves. Their numbers are estimations at best.”

Pamir says GCASC has the support of the US and the EU, and is delegating the drilling jobs to companies like Total, ENI, ExxonMobil, thus creating an actual state.

Drilling rights


That’s Why We Had the Sledgehammer Coup Ploy

Necdet Pamir stresses that the coup attempt, nicknamed the Sledgehammer, perpetrated by the FETO terror organization was designed precisely to weaken the Turkish navy in the Mediterranean, but thankfully our naval armada recuperated quickly as evidenced in the latest drill. He thinks Turkey has done the right thing by purchasing drilling vessels and leasing platforms, but he does not agree with the government’s exploration efforts in the region. He says Turkey should start drilling in and around its EEZs: “It doesn’t make sense to look for natural gas within our own earshot. The Greeks have opened three bids and started drilling immediately afterwards. You must start drilling where you see the biggest potential. Whether you will find natural gas or not there is another question, but there is no point in wasting time in Alanya.”

It Would Be a Huge Mistake to Privatize Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPC)

Currently the TPC is undertaking Turkey’s drilling efforts, but with it having been transferred to the Sovereign Wealth Fund recently, there has been talks of an impending privatization for the corporation. Pamir had these to say:

“They have eviscerated TPC. They have eliminated the groups responsible for drilling and well completions. How can you have an international petroleum corporation that cannot drill? You have ships, but the personnel are foreign. You have a company established in 1954 with lots of drilling experience. The team has drilled in the Black Sea. Now you are talking about privatizing it. So, the purchasing of Barbaros, Fatih and the new vessel was only a show. Hundreds of long-time employees with experience have been forced to retire, and instead you are using contractors and sub-contractors. Then, you still have the audacity to talk about a “national energy and mining policy.” I wonder who will loot TPC’s licenses, vessels and fields. Perhaps the Qataris? -who are, by the way, working with Exxon at the 10th block. And here we were thinking we were friends.”

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