I have been following from London, with increasing amazement, the developments of this story, and have realised that, so far, nobody has grasped the real significance of this murder most foul.

This is no botched up / incompetent / amateurish assassination, that political commentators would have us believe, but a loud and clear message intended first for President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, then for President Donald Trump, that the Saudi Crown Prince, otherwise known as MbS, is the undisputed Overlord of the Middle East, and you challenge that at your peril.

Otherwise why bother staging this most conspicuous assassination- with 15 men arriving on two separate private jets, only hours before the deed, and rush back to the airport almost within minutes, once the deed was done. Indeed, if the Saudis had staged this in Taksim Square, in front of cameras, and sold tickets for the event, they would not have succeeded in getting as much international publicity, for three weeks, and still counting.

Otherwise, if one wanted to dispose of an offending dissident, why not use more traditional methods- accident, suicide, or simply a hit man shooting the victim, say, among crowds. As news items go, any of the foregoing would have made it, just about, to back pages of a newspaper; at that for a few days, and be forgotten forever.

In the event, this has taken the proportions of the last episode of the 1980s hit TV series “Dallas”, when the entire world asked each other: “Who killed JR?”; as we now wonder: “Was he shot / poisoned / cut into pieces?” And: “Where is the body?” This last touch, being worthy of a Hammer House horror movie.

The moral of the story: In international affairs fear might not make people to love you, but they most certainly make them respect you.