The latest crisis to the embarrassment of NATO and Norway will serve Erdogan’s ulterior motive to totally disengage with the Western civilization.

The Eurasia doctrine and its promoters are doing a fine job to make it more appealing since the majority of the leaders, Putin, Aliyev, Nazarbayev and others there, are what Erdogan thrives to become.

Last Friday, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg apologized to Turkey over military exercises at the NATO Joint Warfare Centre in Stavanger, Norway in which Turkey’s founder leader Ataturk and President Erdogan, were shown as foes. Turkey withdrew the 40 soldiers who were participating in the exercise led by Polish Major General Andrzej Reudowicz.

Erdogan protested furiously saying “There can be no such unity, no such alliance,” during a speech he held at AK Party’s provincial leaders meeting. He makes most of his “rally the troops” speeches and harsh “anti-West” addresses at these kind of conventions and similar gatherings of ranging from mukhtars, elected representatives of the smallest unit of governance, to governors who are appointed by the state.

“the message does not reflect Norway’s views or policies”

The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg apologized and has said that the incident was the result of an “individual’s actions” and of course he emphasized that it didn’t reflect the views of NATO alliance. He did go on to say that “ Turkey is a valued NATO ally, which makes important contributions to allied security” at the Halifax Security Forum.

Norwegian Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen apologized as well stating, that “the message does not reflect Norway’s views or policies” and apologized for the content of the message. He added, “Turkey is an important ally in NATO, and we value our good cooperation” in official statement. However, it should ne noted that back in March of 2017, the Norwegian government caused quite a stir in Turkey by granting political asylum to five Turkish officers based in Norway who had refused to return home after the failed July 2016 coup attempt in Turkey.

The West, according to Erdogan and his avid supporters, is scheming to overthrow him and tear apart this country. Despite the fact that we Turks love our conspiracy theories and are quite happy with our West paranoia, this may well be the case. In fact, I have no doubt that it is so. In the land of realpolitik only the strong survive.

Especially these days our part of the World is being torn apart limb by limb in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, in Libya and other middle east and African planes. Not without the required consent of the global public opinion, who ever they may be, due to radical Islamism, frightening terrorist slaughtering elderly and children, raping women and committing other atrocities. All self-inflicted but instigated by the West, also according to Erdogan.

Let’s assume that all the above conspiracies were to be true!

It is also true that Turkey, according to international rankings is in the lower echelons of transparency, democracy, freedom of speech and expression, rule of law, education, stable economy, low foreign currency exchange of the TL, faith in government and judicial officials, trust in their leadership, however quite high interest rates for consumer and commercial loans, high foreign trade deficit, high in price for electricity, fuel and other consumables and on it goes.

One would be inclined to think that again the West according to Erdogan, is behind all this. It seems another Turkish disease to blame all that goes wrong on others, preferably the West and expects to be applauded for standard obligatory duties and actions.

Who would this serve most?

Turkey is nearing the very edge of the crossroads with very little space left to make a turn and Erdogan I speeding towards Eurasia, with grand neo-Ottoman ambitions recently wrapped in a cloud of vague “Ataturkism”.

We would be called conspiracy theorists should we claim that the US government and Pentagon, together with NATO in cooperation with EU efforts of Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgians and other Europeans are deliberately staging these kind of acts in treason to their NATO ally only to kick Turkey out of the West Club and put her in her right place in the east, together with iran, Iraq, Syria and others.

Who would this serve most? Russia.

You can rock’n roll with the Americans, foxtrot with the Brits, waltz with the continental Europeans but you can’t dance with a bear, certainly not tango! The rhythm of the Chinese lion is definitely not for us anyhow. Erdogan should keep this mind.