The “#ElectrifyEurope” Conference and Exhibition was held this year in the Austrian Capital of Vienna on 19-20-21 June.

The main topics of this year were “energy storage for renewables”, “protection against cyber attacks”, “electricity demand side response”, “repositioning on power generation”.

During the conference, the visitors met with a large number of energy professionals, employees, talked and exchanged information. Presentations, speeches and promotions were followed. Participation was generally less than in previous years. Few participants from Turkey were observed

Conference participants from Turkey were Tanay Sıtkı Uyar (EUROSOLAR), Emre Arican (Fortum), Tamer Turna (TES Energy Consulting) as speakers with presentations, panel discussions.

Turkish companies in the Exhibition were, Hacıayvaz Istanbul (AH16), Friterm Istanbul (AS44), Sipil STEEL Manisa (AM12).

Turkish members of conference advisory board were, Cezmi Bilir (WSP Parsons), Tamer Turna (TES) Osman Turkmen (TRL Trade) had. There were a number of Turkish nationals who are residents in Europe. Hasan Özden (Siemens Gameda), Engin Beker (Arthur D. Little Austria) Burak Türker (Younicos Germany) appeared on the lists. Sumitomo SHI FW Turkish company official Ahmet Eltekin attended the conference.

OperaLover participants also visited the fabulous Vienna Opera House. In the program we had Puccini, Weber, Wagner and Verdi operas. The tickets were already booked earlier. Parter tickets were sold for 150-250 Euros per seat. On the conference week, opera program had June 19th Puccini (Tosca), June 20th Carl Maria von Weber (Der Freischitz), 21st June Verdi (Falstaff), 22nd June night Wagner (Lohengrin) on stage.

There were serious presentations in the exhibition hall, there were well prepared ones, as well as those not so well-prepared companies who put all as in fairgrounds. After lunchtime, under the counter, from bags, drinks from the boxes came out, everyone gave everyone a refreshment. Turkish participants have received questions on upcoming general elections on 24-June. They asked the investment environment in Turkey. We observed change of investors attitude towards Turkey, and lower risk appetite was observed. Let’s not be surprised if investment expectations would be different in future. Among the topics spoken were the continuing world cup soccer matches in Russia. The majority of those had no idea about marketing, sales psychology. You can not be a salesperson after you are a technically trained person. There were those who did not know how to treat the customer, those who acted very badly, those who overturned, those who made too long presentations, those who could not answer the questions, those who were not interested, there were people who do not understand questions, people who could not speak foreign languages, people who do not know their own stuff. There were those who thought that the subject was very familiar and prepared fancy catalogs filled with ridiculous dull information.

A lot of market gossip was made from the first hand. The time has passed, the technology is outdated, the prices are too expensive. There were people who were recently separated from the company, trying to get another post. Far Eastern companies were very aggressive but they were unable in speaking foreign languages. The Germans, the French, the Spaniards, and the Japanese were already unable to speak to anyone other than their mother tongue. Within the single large hall exhibition area, the sales staff of the same country entered the market when the visitor came from. There was a sense of discomfort in senior officials of foreign large-energy equipment vendors. Distant countries are weary of manufacturing competition. Customs walls and their own domestic market demands are taking it hard in a competitive environment. Far Eastern companies hired by a large number of foreigners (British), filled with staff who only have good English, but unaware of the subject. In the companies of the Mediterranean countries there was an introverted environment. Agreements with a stranger are very difficult. Marketing presentation is actually the biggest event.

The next year (2019) under the name “PowerGenEurope”, the same conference and exhibition will be held in France’s capital city Paris on 12-13-14 November 2019. If you are working in the energy sector, I would recommend you to attend. It is not always easy to find, talk to, find so many energy market companies and top executives of these international companies.—