Dystopia Is Near: “White Media List” Will Help Us… Not to Find the Truth About Our Countries

The white media list is causing controversy in Russia. Will the white media list do what it claims it will. Or is it just another name for internet censorship and a violation of our right to information?

Conference on “Freedom of the Media and Safety of Journalists in the Russian Federation and in the OSCE region: Challenges and Opportunities in the Digital Age” was held in Moscow. I was invited as a speaker for this conference. The plenary session was opened with welcoming statements by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and the OSCE Representative on Freedom of Speech, Mr. Harlem Désir.

In his address, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov noted that ongoing attempts to impose noninclusive and nontransparent initiatives on the global community, in circumvention of the generally recognized multilateral platforms, are causes for great concern.

As an example, I would mention the Conference on Freedom of the Media held in London, where Russian representatives – diplomats and journalists, were banned from participating. In our view, the purpose of such behind-the-scenes projects, where only closest allies are invited, is to erode the universal standards of the Media freedom, impose biased regulations of the information resources, divide them into ‘ours’ and ‘not ours.’, and ultimately impose political censorship.

Then I got engaged in a heated discussion with the representative of “Reporters Without Borders”, I wondered why the World Press Freedom Index ranked Russia far below Ukraine, known for gross violations of the rights of journalists.

I believe that we have actually exposed “Reporters without borders”. This is an NPO, which is referred to by some media, citing their ratings and fake indices. This is a specially created NPO that implements serious ideological tasks around the world with the money of Soros and other Western sponsors. Formally, it is a journalistic organization, but in fact, random people participate in its work.

I would like to recall the results of the organization’s research, in which Russia ranks 149th, Libya, where journalists are tortured, 162nd, and Ukraine, where a regular attack on freedom of speech is recorded, 102nd. Turkey, by the way, is 157th in this “rating”.

Last year, the OSCE conference on media freedom was held in Kiev. And one of the speakers – the famous Russian journalist and public figure Yevgeny Primakov, grandson of the legendary Russian Prime Minister was blacklisted at the state border. They have closed entry for him for five years for no reason! Almost all Russian journalists are persona non grata in Ukraine. As Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, 86 Russian media, including the opposition channel “Rain”, and children channels, are banned in this country. Complete censorship, cleansing, blocking — and still the 102nd place with a “claim to development” in the rating of media freedom! How?!

Things are only going to get worse!

This is the worst one: “Reporters without borders” are implementing a new project – Journalism Trust Initiative, which they plan to present on November 22 in Brussels. The organization intends to conduct an all European and world media survey. It contains 200 questions, which are later transformed into algorithms and processed by specially written programs. Some of the questions presented in the survey are very sensitive and can threaten the security of the mass media, the security of sources and journalists personally.

This research will become the basis for highly promoted “white lists media” that will help search engines on the Internet to rank the priority of the information from mass media. This means that so-called non-governmental organizations (long and densely sitting on subsidies from Soros) will tell you who is a good one and who is not; whom you should read and whom you should not.

In addition, the working group engaged in the creation of such “white lists” practically does not include representatives of Russia and all meetings of the working group are held in secret. It seems to me that it is already a necessity to take measures. If not – everything will become a dystopia: people who will search for news on the Internet, will not find their own mass media in search results.

We will get to the point when while searching for news in our own countries we will first receive opinions of the BBC, CNN or Radio Liberty on what is happening in our country. And we will find the opinion of our media on the second, third, fourth pages of search results. People will not have enough strength and patience to reach those pages.