There is an article penned by my friend, the former ambassador Yusuf Buluç where he is warning Turkey about the coming dark clouds of INF.

INF is an agreement which got rid of medium range nuclear weapons that were deployed in Europe. It was signed in 1987 by US president Reagan, and former Soviet Union Communist Party General Secretary Gorbachev.

But recently US said that they were withdrawing from the agreement because the new Russian system 9m729 has a range of 2600 km. Russians contradicted that by saying the new system’s range was 480 km. And eventually, both countries agreed to withdraw from the agreement in as little as 6 months.

Now the world is waiting to see who is going to back off. How about a NATO member country, such as Turkey? On the other hand, Ankara has close relationships with Russia. Which side take will take?

And what will Ankara do? So far, we don’t have a clue on Ankara’s position. Will Ankara play the ostrich or get active on finding a solution to this grave problem?

I personally believe that Ankara does not have an idea about the size of this massive problem. What I’m afraid of is that Ankara will repeat the past mistakes it made in almost every foreign problem it faced.

The miserable foreign policy of Ankara will cause another serious problem that will trouble Turkey further. At least, it looks that way.