President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has a notoriety with his religious euphemisms including “Muslims never commit acts of terror,” or “Muslims never kill.”

He has numerous times rejected the notion “Islamic terror” although Google would produce 69.9 million results if one typed these two words.

In reality, the entire universe called acts of terror with radical Islamic motives simply as “Islamic terrorism.” They were acts of violence whose perpetrators declared and hoped would advance Islam against other faiths (or no faith). Unlike Mr Erdoğan’s self-made realities those perpetrators were invariably Muslims with extremist views. Those acts of terror, whether targeting non-Muslims or Muslims from an enemy sect, were committed with one primary motive: a holy war against all enemy faiths.

Similarly, Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian white supremacist terrorist who killed 77 people in 2011, was a white/Christian terrorist. He committed that act of terror declaring and hoping that it would advance white race and Christianity in Europe. Here, too, the motive is religion.

And the world’s newest white supremacist terrorist, Brenton Tarrant, too, is a Christian terrorist. He did not kill 49 innocent Muslim worshippers in an otherwise quiet and peaceful New Zealand town in order to protest a dictatorial regime. He did not kill unarmed people to defend his country from an invading army. Mr Tarrant is a terrorist. And he committed terror in the name of white supremacism / Christianity. He is no different than his Muslim ‘colleagues.’

These are simple facts. But Mr Erdoğan and Co. over the past several years has offered a rich volume of defence argumentation for any Christian white supremacist who would wish to defend his faith from the bad stain left by Mr Tarrant. Here is a selection from this author based on how Turkish bigwigs have in past years explained acts of Islamic terror:

“How can we call him (Mr Tarrant) a Christian? He is a murderer.”

 “Christians never kill.”

 “Tarrant is a virus targeting the unity of Christianity.”

 “Christianity never pardons violence.”

 “No one can blame this act on Christianity.”

 “What the Muslim worshippers did in Christchurch was provocation.”

 “Provocation is as bad as killing people.”

 “Why didn’t you keep him under surveillance? Is your intelligence agency not woking?”

 “Christianphobia is a crime against humanity.”

Remember how did Mr Erdoğan’s former prime minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu, explain ISIL’s beheadings in 2014?

“Past anger [of], alienations and insults [against the Sunnis] have caused a reaction [which is ISIL]. Such an accumulation of anger [ISIL men’s anger] would not have existed if Sunni Arabs in Iraq were not alienated.”  

How about this?

“Past anger [of], alienations and insults [against the Christians] have caused a reaction in New Zealand. Such an accumulation of anger [Mr Tarrant’s anger] would not have existed if Christians in New Zealand were not alienated.”

Nice? Nice. Now it looks it’s time for some Christian maniac to report to Mr Erdoğan’s literature to defend the Christian terrorist Mr Tarrant.

Let’s call a cat a cat: Mr Tarrant is a Christian terrorist with a Crusader’s mind, just like his Muslim colleagues are Islamic terrorists with a jihadist’s mind.