Ms Melis Murat was accepted to Moscow State Institute of International Relations under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia (MGIMO) as the first and only Turkish student on Russian Presidential scholarship, in 2010.

She graduated with Bachelors Degree in International Law, graduation thesis “The status of the Black Sea pipelines under the International law” in 2014.

In 2016 graduated with Masters Degree in European Union Law, MGIMO University, Comprehensive studies of European and Eurasian Integration Processes department. Graduation thesis – “International terrorism in the system of threats to global security”

She had the opportunity to work as the only foreigner in the central office of JSCo “Russian Railways” – the largest company in Russia with employees over 1,250.000 +, as a Leading specialist in the International Cooperation Department, responsible for cooperation between the Russian Railways and Turkish Railway industry.

Worked with the biggest Russian NGO, St. Andrew the First.

From 2017- 2019 she was the consultant to the “Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute”

She is fluent in Russian, English and Turkish.