Can the Internet Community Bring Social Media Giants to Heel?

2020-02-20T16:22:58+03:00February 6th, 2020|Alexander Malkevich, Foreign Policy, Politics, Turkey|

Late January, the first meeting of European press-club this year took place in Berlina, patronized by the Prussian German Society. I took part in it and was appointed as a co-mo [...]

Can Berlin Help To Cut The Gordian Knot of Libyan Lawlessness Courtesy of Fayez Sarraj?

2020-02-20T16:23:00+03:00February 3rd, 2020|Alexander Malkevich|

Russian Foundation for National Values Protection has sent letters to theSecretary-General of the United Nations António Guterres, as well as to the head of United Nations Suppo [...]

Russia and Turkey As Moderators in the Middle East: Syria, Libya… Further Everywhere?

2020-02-04T15:08:36+03:00January 8th, 2020|Alexander Malkevich|

Russia and Turkey as moderators in the Middle East: Syria, Libya... further everywhere? Recently, a widespread public outcry has been caused by the actions of the Government of [...]

West’s Plan to Break Russia Down by 2030

2019-11-21T08:32:21+03:00November 21st, 2019|Alexander Malkevich|

The West isn’t going to tolerate strong and independent Russia. If it’s plan succeeds by the year 2030 there will be only a handful of nowadays territory left and Russia itself will become one of the small insignificant countries which no one reckons with. I’m telling up front: this info isn’t ‘taken from the ceiling’ (as we say in Russia), but based upon international publications and reports.

All You Need to Know About Free Speech In The Western World

2020-01-08T17:56:23+03:00October 31st, 2019|Alexander Malkevich|

The AFRIC account on Facebook was deleted without explanation. Clifton Ellis, chairman of the International Sustainable Energy Organization and one of the AFRIC coordinators, described the incident as follows: “Dear subscribers, it seems that we have attracted the attention of some very powerful forces, because today we must regretfully inform about the removal of the AFRIC account on Facebook without explanation reasons from the administration ...