The EU, one of the most ambitious projects of humanity that promised a united and indivisible Europe, now with the sound of Big Ben disappearing, has entered, in the words of Boris Johnson: “…the beginning of a new era, we are going to a bright future.”

The British comrades willingly share their experience with their neighbors in La Manche where there are French who would also like to leave united Europe. Though Boris promises to make Great Britain great again, he refrains from saying what the United Kingdom may actually look like: a small island near Europe, or an American colony, or worse, a pawn for the Chinese market. The thin red line has already been crossed and there is no turning back. But now the British need to go to take things one step at a time and not listen to those who say that there will be shortages of products and medicines; that the Europeans will leave and whole industries across Britain will be exposed, and most importantly that they will be excluded from the single European criminal database which will result in criminals entering the island easily.

Benjamin Habib, a member of the European Parliament from Great Britain (Brexit party), says: “We are just scared, Europeans cannot understand what is best for us. We will work and earn money like in the old days.”

Who are the British really friends with now?

Trump promised not only a tough stance but also particularly hard tariffs if Britain does not play along. Boris Johnson has already been warned that the EU can now take off its white gloves and show how it truly relates to Britain. DanielBailey, an economist, says “even if they talk all day about friendship and camaraderie, the fact is we are now competitors in the same markets, each for itself.” Jonathan Freyer, the politician warns: “you mustn’t think that the Americans are working to weaken Europe and we are helping them achieve this. Trump has already promised a special deal with the UK, but at the same time, he has also threatened a tariff trade war if Britain does not change its position on the nuclear deal with Iran, and on China regarding the creation of the 5G network. They say that right now secret negotiations are underway between the British and Huawei.

Ken Livingston, the mayor of London between 2000-2008 says “Britain will be squeezed between the USA and China and she will have to choose. She will not be trusted in the global security alliance because the Chinese will most likely spy on her.

Trump is hinting at a special relationship in which they will help with food. But in exchange, the US is requiring access to British medical funds, economic leverage, and if they are denied, there is a risk of the trade war in response.

Irelanders who are truly scared hold demonstrations in London, as well as Chatland, Northern Ireland and they demand that they are heard and are allowed to leave Britain and remain in the EU. And they are the majority with 60%. The EU flag still hangs at the Scottish Parliament, and the “Forgive Us Europe” poster is looking like an apology. Macron is announcing that all this is a shock for Europe, a bad sign, the EU is sick, Britain’s departure is not the end, but only the beginning. Merkel while receiving the Kissinger Prize for strengthening friendship with America quoted Lenin when she said “a step forward and two back” and no one was surprised. Paul Faraj has already said to her in person thatPoland, Denmark, and Spain are gearing up for exit, even Italy would like to be on their own.

It is hard to decide who to listen to. Some scream that this is a catastrophe comparable to the collapse of the USSR. They claim Britain will have to go into an IMF induced debt and save every penny going forward. On the other side, there are those who insist that Britain will now become richer, and at a faster rate than the rest of Europe. And perhaps the most clear-cut reaction came from the Financial Times analysis, where it said big businesses no longer consider London as the financial center of the world. The crown now belongs to New York and Shanghai. Lord Ker, who penned Article 50 that paved the way for Britain’s exit from the EU, is saying: “I hope that we will return soon, that no one else will be stupid enough to leave during this time. Britain was a fool for leaving.” The chief architect of Brexit, Dominic Cummings, whom Cameron called a career psychopath, didn’t even smile at the sound of Big Ben, “Well, everyone here understands what we did …” and he burst into tears.

London now needs to cure the country. Johnson has already promised more attention to the Northern regions and a greater role for the state in the economy. This is amazing coming from a country that has chosen a free market, but it seems like no one else has any other ideas. The European Union also ensures its citizens that it will be able to feed everyone without Britain.

Moreover, the British themselves never wanted to be equal among peers; they always wanted a special position and special EU rights. The UK turned out to be a time bomb under the thumbs of the entire European Union. London, even after the collapse of the Empire, has always seen herself as a ruler of the world, whose pound is more important than the euro, and whose language European parliamentarians speak.

Indeed, just like British writer Orwell’s “all are equal but some are more equal than others” has already played a very bad joke in Europe.