It is not just populism. This is something else. I am talking about the rise of Neo-Nazism around the world. The footprints of this rise started in 1990’s.

Simply statements such as “If one is a foreigner then they are bad. So, we must get rid of foreigners. Our skin color, our religion, our sect, our ethnic group, our language should rule the world” started to emerge like mushrooms almost everywhere.

Some influential politicians, religious leaders, writers, jurors, rather than deflating these flames immediately like firemen, have done just the opposite.

Now look at where we are: Moslems started killing Christians and Jews, Jews and Christians started killing Moslems. Don’t forget the Hindus and Buddhists killing Moslems.

If you want to end this lunacy then start looking to your country. Isn’t there a refugee problem in Turkey? There is. I remember a slogan from70 years ago: “Citizens speak Turkish.” What does this show? Does 6-7 September mean anything to you? How about the Alawite massacres?

Look at what’s happening in Palestine. The Israeli Arabs are second class citizens.

Look at India. Look at President Trump and where he took USA. Take a look at Italy, Poland, Hungry. Look at Russia. And don’t forget to look at China.

Remember Rwanda? Remember the words Hutu and Tutsi? 800 thousand people died in just 100 days. That was 25 years ago.

Remember what the Serbs did in Bosnia?

What has changed since?

Simple answer: Nothing much.

The world is becoming more and more dangerous to live. And if governments don’t see this danger, I’m afraid this hatred will be global. Can you see what will happen at the boiling point of this hatred?

I’m afraid to tell…

And Mr. Trump, white supremacy tried it once with a lunatic called Hitler. Don’t try to take a shower with the same water twice.